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2012, :07, 144 x 110

A short loop made in Total Distortion.

Total Distortion
2010, :40, 144 x 110

Total Distortion (1995) was a CD-ROM
game with an in-game tool (proto-Flash/
Director?) to layer 3 stock footage

(collaboration with Micaela Durand)
2010, 6:22, 720 x 480

Our favorite Twitter and Flickr posts by each other merged as a marquee over a slideshow.

Mario Paint simulation demo
2009, :19, 248 x 176

Mario Paint (1992) was a Super Nintendo game that allowed limited animations.

This video has the size and palette of
a Mario Paint workspace but with
extended frames.

Kid Pix
2008, 320 x 240

A series of short videos made in Kid Pix
Studio Deluxe for the Nasty Nets DVD
published by Rhizome.